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Trump Muslim Row

Sunday, July 31st, 2016

If Donald Trump is serious about getting himself elected US president, he has to upgrade his untenable position on Muslims. He has rightly found himself in hot water over extraordinary remarks he made about the mother of a fallen American hero. These have upset a lot of Americans and almost all Europeans. His ridiculous position of blaming all Muslims for IS is like blaming all Christians for the Nazis.  Or does he calculate that Americans will vote for this stuff. Surely not?

Hinkley Point: Get A Grip

Saturday, July 30th, 2016

It is impossible to fathom how on earth this project has got as far as it has. It does not matter which foreign government is involved in our power generation industry because none are welcome, whether they be French, Chinese or whoever. If a government is to be involved, and this Blog believes it should be, it must be our own. We do have our own government and and have just had a referendum which talked a lot about sovereignty. Well let us be plain, if your strategic services and industries are in the hands of foreign governments you can kiss goodbye to rational interpretations of sovereignty.

The way ahead is clear. The UK government has to fund the project, nobody else; it has to own the power station, nobody else; it has to change to a tested design known to work (why do we even have to specify this?) and it can then employ whatever expertise it needs form across the world to do the hard lifting, including French, Chines, American or whoever has something to offer which we need, which because of past negligence is most of it. But we retain control of the computer systems and GCHQ superintends their capacity to withstand any hacking attack.

We can only hope that Prime Minister May will get a grip of this. No wonder the Cameron/Osborne gang was fired.

Financing Government Investment Without Borrowing.

Friday, July 29th, 2016

 Dynamic Quantitative Easing: An Idea For Growth    QE in various forms is now very much part of the economic conversation, especially in following Brexit and the fall in the value of the £. Dynamic Quantitative Easing (also called Peoples Quantitative Easing) remains under government, not bank, control and targets specific investment projects without borrowing, interest or repayments. It can reboot the economy, boost manufacturing and exports and enable sustained growth of real national wealth shared by all, rather than just asset inflation which is the downside of ordinary QE. It is ideal for financing mega projects like Hinkley Point without the need to involve foreign governments in strategic infrastructure.  If you want to find out more you can enjoy a lucid explanation of the original idea from the link below.

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Hinkley Point : A Mad Hatter Project

Friday, July 29th, 2016

It is clear from the headline that I have some nasty things to say about this, but first I should lay out my stall.

The most important principles are that we should have abundant and cheap electricity especially for business and industry, there should be ample reserves in generating capacity guaranteeing the lights never go out and all of this should be achieved in the most environmentally friendly way, but with the red line at reliable and affordable power supplies. Thus it is that I hold the power generation should be a nationalized industry and power stations of whatever type should be built and owned by the government as a vital strategic investment. The idea must be to phase out coal and later gas, make best use possible of solar, tide and wind power, as well as hydro electric where feasible, but to have as a key component nuclear generation of the core supply, using modern and tested technology. A new idea worth exploring is using mini reactors of the type used in nuclear submarines to generate power from underground installations in disused coal mines. More of them could be deployed quickly than the big set piece coastal mega sites and greater flexibility would result. However regular nuclear power stations should still be built in timely fashion to a manageable scale.

Having privatized the industry, governments both Tory and New Labour, walked away from their responsibilities to maintain and upgrade our world leading generating assets, during parliament after parliament until a crisis with the lights is almost at hand. Finally the proposal is that rather than our own government owning the new developments of capacity, they should instead be owned by foreign governments, one of which is a dictatorship by a single party, the new power station should be the most expensive thing ever built on this planet, using untested designs which so far have not worked and may never do so, demanding from consumers a surcharge on their bills ensuring extortionate energy costs for thirty five years.

We can only rejoice that the launch of this lunacy has been held back during the final countdown. We must hope that the prime minister, having halted this madness at the eleventh hour, can replace it with something less insane. That should not be difficult.

Transatlantic Thriller: Purple Killing

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Dr. Rachael Benedict is an American historian and a best-selling author. Through the death of her estranged father she sets out to expose secrets from World War Two, which are so sensitive they have been subject to an extensive cover-up lasting seventy years.  This provokes a killing spree as parts of the security services of both Britain and the United States become engaged in the drama, with one side determined to get the secrets out and the other determined to keep them hidden.
Rachael battles forward to unearth the truth both from intrigues of the Nazi era, but also within her own family, surviving three attempts on her life, before finally achieving her goal. Not only does she expose the truth from history and from her own roots, she has to delve deep into her own emotions to find the truth about herself.

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US Election Goes Critical

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

The US election now moves to the critical phase. It is no longer two contests to determine who are to be the candidates.  It is one fight to decide on who gets to be President.

On the one hand we have the first woman so nominated in American history who is also said to be the most qualified and experienced ever to stand; a Deep South lawyer who has been First Lady, a New York Senator, Secretary of State and in her spare time a Mum. She will be a safe pair of hands, compassionate and committed. She should walk it to Washington. Yet there is in the way her mirror opposite.

A man without any experience of politics, a rank outsider who fuels anger then rides on the energy it creates, a billionaire loudmouth who says what the crowd want to hear, who says terrible things about minorities and Muslims, who does unspeakable stuff like talk to Russians, yet who  bulldozes obstacles arrayed before him, turns disaster into triumph and mobilizes millions of voters nobody else seems to inspire.

So the voters of America have a clear and distinct choice. Which they will chose even they cannot yet tell. The fight will be furious, dirty and distracting. But for those watching from across the pond, it will never be dull.

Labour: A Better Way Forward

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

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New Labour Dead and Gone

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

The saga of the Labour leadership continues to play out and there may or may not be a drama in store later when the court decision on Jeremy Corbyn’s eligibility is to be announced.

However yesterday was very important. Owen Smith, who is supported by almost all the parliamentary Labour party, laid out a manifesto which couched in detail a programme far to the left of anything heard from the party for nearly twenty-five years. This was not centre ground stuff at all and had it been Milliband’s offer in 2015 he would have won. But New Labour was still living then and tied his hands.

This blog’s criticism would be that Smith’s offer did not sufficiently address in a modern way the challenge of restoring the UK’s industrial strength and create new wealth in depth fairly shared by all. Maybe he needs to read my book  Turn Left For Power.

NHS On Overtime

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

There are reports of astonishing incomes being paid to consultants working overtime to try and deal with waiting lists and cover for staff shortages. First it is right to point out that consultants are entitled to be paid for working longer hours and if their efforts reduce waiting times they are to be welcomed. Second, medicine is not a profession which should be associated with getting rich and it cannot be right to pay out such sums as have been reported to individual doctors. During the putting together of the May government it was for a time reported the Jeremy Hunt had been given the push, but then he stayed on. This blog thinks that was a mistake.

The present fragmented nature of the NHS structure with quasi independent Trusts, Commissioning Boards and Foundations is an addict’s binge on organisational engineering for its own sake. Enveloped in a further twenty regulatory quangos it no longer resembles a coherent or rational publicly funded service. It is paid for by taxpayers, it is under funded, its is full of Peters being robbed to pay Pauls and it should be directly controlled by the Ministry of Health with a minimum of management and a maximum of medicine. The fact that somebody is writing cheques so that at least one consultant has been paid an eye popping £375000 in overtime pay, is clear evidence calling for change at the top.

Northern Ireland: Brexit Border

Monday, July 25th, 2016

Northern Ireland is in a far more difficult situation than Scotland, when it comes to the practical implications of Brexit. Both enjoy funding from the EU, which London may or may not replace to the full, but only NI has a land border with an EU country. Finding a practical solution, as suggested by Prime Minister May, could be easier said than done. If the UK, principally England, is to control its borders to reduce EU migration, it cannot leave one border to the EU open. One solution may be to have an open border between the Republic of Ireland and NI, but control the border between NI and the UK. That would please the nationalists, but would send the unionists into one of their frenzies. Unfortunately for the latter who campaigned for Brexit, NI voted Remain. Maybe the unionists no longer hold the sway they once did.