Mitchell Out: But It May Not Be Over

The departure of Andrew Mitchell would have been something little more than a political storm in a teacup if he had gone immediately after losing his rag because he was not allowed through the big posh gate and had to use the plebby one at the side. After a month of festering and ridicule his resignation is a double disaster. A disaster for Mitchell, because no way can he creep back into government this side of an election at which he will likely lose his seat.

For Cameron, alas, it is an even bigger disaster. Once again he has hesitated when he should have acted and like Coulson and Fox, when the resignation comes it is a drama, which questions the judgement of the Prime Minister and finds it wanting. Coming at the end of a week in which the PM made a fool of himself over energy policy and was more or less ignored at the Brussels EU summit, like an unfamiliar agency butler hired for a party. Such is his disarray, that there is no candidate in waiting to take over as Chief Whip to shut the whole thing down. Thatcher moved like lightening when ministers left her cabinet.

All three party leaders finished the conference season with their reputations enhanced. Cameron’s has fallen off a cliff in a matter of days. Anything can happen now.

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