America and Trump: What Now?

America has a choice before it. Not one half of the nation or the other half. But all of the United States. The choice is this. Either destroy Trump as a credible electoral force. Or Trump will destroy America as a credible modern democracy. The optimum requirement for a democracy to work, which defines it against fake democracies which are in fact either dictatorships or ungoverned spaces, is that the winner has, after winning, to govern for the nation as a whole, and the loser must accept they have lost.

Trump’s utterly preposterous assertions that widespread fraud had cost him the election, a mantra he still recites, rejected by over 60 courts in the US and every impartial observer across the world, for which he is unable to supply one piece of credible evidence, is perhaps the most ludicrous declaration by any politician in US history. It has massively damaged US credibility worldwide and empowered despots and dictators in equal measure. That he should be punished for this, together with his incitement of violence, leading to an assault on the Capitol in Washington, seems obvious.

Whether Impeachment is the way forward, it is up to America. But something has to be done. For decades America has offered the democratic model to follow. Not now. Restoring the integrity of the process is a priority.

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