National Discord: Not A Good Moment

From the very beginning the Boris led government did not understand the pandemic. It was totally focussed on Brexit and drunk on the elixir of victory. It was complacent with an 80 seat majority, with many new greenhorn MPs who would do as the whips told them. The road to future triumph was open, the sky was the political limit and it was blue, true blue. Everybody loved the get go Boris.

Here we are now with the economy suffering the greatest contraction since modern style records began. Covid 19, having apparently succumbed to the spring lockdown, is surging back. The government is split, splintered is a better word, between lockdown,  herd immunity and everything in between, with Brexit looming to divide the political shambles once again. The unity of government, opposition and people has shattered, because continuous misinformation and muddle has broken the confidence anybody has in anything anyone else decides, predicts or promotes. Boris is becoming more  Spitting Image caricature than steady crisis leader.

Ahead is a gathering storm incoming from three directions, the economy, Brexit and the ever present Covid 19. We do know there is going to be a lot of damage to almost everything we hold dear. What we do not know is which element will do the most.

Oh, and don’t forget climate change.