Election 2019: Sobering Numbers

In 2010 Cameron gained 96 seats for the Tories on 10.7 million votes.

In 2017 May lost 13 seats and her majority on 13.6 million votes

In 2015 Milliband lost almost every seat in Scotland with a net loss of 26 seats overall on 9.6 million votes

In 2017 Corbyn gained 30 seats for Labour and a record surge in Labour votes to 12.8 million, although he began the campaign with the Tories showing opinion poll leads of up to 20+.

Message. Do not underestimate Corbyn. Unpopular in Westminster but in the country there is no other politician who can pull such crowds, with such enthusiasm. And he advanced in the last campaign more than any other leader in any party on record.


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