Sajid Javid Wants To Build More Houses: So He Should.

But will he? This country needs up to 2 million new homes built over the next four of five years. Not to buy, but to rent. At affordable prices so that a nurse can rent a decent home, have money over to save and live without resorting to food banks. With proper long term tenancies which give full security. Just like Harold Macmillan provided in the 1950s. He managed, in spite of post war shortages, to build 300,000 houses a year, council houses as they were then called. He was not a socialist firebrand but a millionaire Tory Housing Minister. He was so successful that he later became Prime Minister.

Now Javid hopes to borrow billions to equal Macmillan’s achievement. Whether this has to do with wanting to build more homes, or perhaps something else, is for you to work out.

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