Daily Archives: April 30, 2021

Boris Sleaze Crisis: But Are The People Listening?

I am no fan of Boris. I am satisfied he is a liar with little integrity and few scruples. He is driven by ambition which knows no bounds. His childhood aim to become king of the world still courses through his veins.

The media, especially the Westminster element, is now obsessed with every intricate detail of the general attack on this unpredictable prime minister’s integrity, which began to simmer when news of Cameron’s approaches to save his friend’s busted company first broke. The word sleaze begin to fly and recollections of the Major years were brought out of the attic and dusted down.

After Cameron came Dyson. Then Cummings. The temperature rose. The Cummings goal is to bring down Boris. Yet it may not be that easy. The actual constitutional power of a UK prime minister is almost limitless until stopped by a vote in the Commons. Most holders of the office have been cautious in using it unless absolutely necessary. But Boris uses it with gusto every day. At the moment to forgive himself for whatever it is he said or did. But mostly to cut corners and get things done. The peoples’ things.

The people like it. They like Boris and they like what he does for them. Not the shopkeepers of Ulster or the fisherman in Scotland, but the general mass of ordinary people. The more the Establishment attacks, the more they root for their champion.

That is why the opinion polls are moving in the Tories’ favour. Whatever the plan of Cummings, the Opposition and the hostile elements of the media is, it is not working yet.