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Hitler’s First Lady

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014


My latest novel, Hitler’s First Lady, a historical drama set in the nineteen thirties and forties, will take you to the epicenter of the Third Reich and the British Establishment and is now on Kindle. Through the life story of the heroine, Lise Bauer, you will learn of the intrigue behind Hitler’s rise to power and a plot to overthrow the Churchill Government in 1941. You will see Hitler’s emotional side in a surprising, frank and intimate portrait, which holds nothing back.

This story is a compelling read, using historical characters often portrayed in a new light, challenging the accepted view of recorded history. It leaves readers wondering why they were never told about these double lives and events shrouded in secrecy. Meticulously researched and augmented by insider knowledge from my own Anglo-German family.

Download it now from Kindle!

Printed books will follow soon.

Scottish Independence: Yes Is Gaining

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

The contest for the outcome of the independence vote is becoming less certain. Not long ago it was pretty clear that Salmond and his cohorts did not have a coherent economic plan and this shortfall would prove decisive for the No campaign. However this is no longer the battleground. The currency is important but another front is opening up.

If UKIP does well in the European elections in May and tops the poll, as well it might, Paris, Berlin and Warsaw may take fright and assume that Britain will sooner or later vote to leave the EU. To the EU this could mean that it would suddenly find itself between two bookends, which may not always do its bidding; Russia in the east and Britain in the west. Moreover a Britain out of the EU would be less enthusiastic about NATO interventions, because its people are fed up with them. It would also be much more tolerant of Russia’s interests.

In that event, having Scotland back in the EU as an independent state would be a real advantage and it may pay to forget about separatist movements elsewhere and smooth Scotland’s path. The Scot Nats would be able to go into the final weeks of campaigning saying that Britain’s future in Europe is in doubt and the only way to secure Scotland’s economic prosperity is as an independent member of the EU. If Angela smiled at him, Salmond would be home and dry.

As for George Robertson’s intervention about Scottish independence causing the West to totter; it will, if anyone takes any notice, boost the Yes campaign more than the No.

MP’s Expenses: At It Again!

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

Sir Ian Kennedy is right to point out that MPs cannot be relied upon to adjudicate their own scandalous behaviour with their expenses. In the case of Maria Miller, her reported conduct and financial claims appall every voter and taxpayer. The niceties of whether she was stroppy during the investigation, or the fact that she said sorry, are neither here nor there.

The plain fact is that she is getting taxpayer money to fund the purchase of an asset, namely a house, from which depending on house prices, she will profit, and because of its location, profit considerably. She is only permitted to do this under crackpot rules because she has designated it as her second home, whilst claiming that a place she rents in her constituency is her main home. In the world outside, a home you own ranks above one you rent in financial terms, yet in Parliament it does not if you can get your nose deeper in the trough of taxpayer’s cash by claiming the opposite.

Cameron thinks it is all over and we should move on. We will, but his endorsement of this outrage will cost the Tories at least a million votes.

Nigel Farage cannot believe his luck.