Flexible UK Democracy

Many feel the fact that you can amend and develop the UK constitution simply by precedence or whim is a plus. The fact that the constitution is the property of government and not of the people, who do not have to be consulted about changes, is far from democratic. In fact it is closer to dictatorship than democracy and is kept that way by a political class which is establishment based and keener on its own survival than the welfare of the people it purports to serve.

It is therefore only fitting that every now and again it backfires and scuppers a government’s intentions. This is what has just happened. The smarting Tories complain that it is because they have no majority in the Lords. By most modern standards of democracy they do not have one in the Commons either. They have a majority of twelve on 37% of the votes cast and 24% of the registered electorate. Nowhere else in Europe would this be tolerated. Maybe that is why a good number of them want to leave.

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