Ownership, Responsibility, Accountability

There is an unwelcome culture now embedded in the English structure through which the State and its outsourcing satellites runs our public services. Or responds to unexpected emergencies and events. Late or never delivery, cover ups, buck passing and warnings ignored are no longer the exception but the rule.

This has to change because while in the past these things caused a short term storm, it passed and people forgot. Except for those whose lives had beenĀ  affected, often ruined. But now public attitudes have very much advanced through social media and platform sharing, to the point where their information is more up to date and accurate than the official line. Once they spot a problem they cannot be bought off with platitudes nor will they let go.

A properly researched list would be almost endless and way beyond the resources of this blog. But into most people’s minds spring Contaminated Blood, Bloody Sunday, Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, The Post Office Horizon scandal, Grenfell and the ongoing small boats. Current news dwells, quite rightly, on the outrageous Michaelson miscarriage of justice and the horrific Lucy Letby serial killings.

It is always the same. Warnings unheeded, the problem ignored or if revealed covered up. Then when it bursts into the open, nobody owns it, nobody is responsible, nobody goes, an inquiry comes to indecisive conclusions long after the event, when public consciousness has moved on.

Well that has to stop. Or else the people, in a convulsion of anger and despair will stop it. That would traumatic and the collateral damage vast.

Time is running short.

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