On The Edge of Ungoverned Space?

Not since the Winter of Discontent has there been so much disruption and disquiet, nor such a feeling of unease in society. From protesters closing motorways, to panic at the pumps, things appear to be going from bad to worse.  Add the news  of energy companies going under as the dysfunctional  gas  market implodes, threatening back breaking heating costs for the winter, airport log jams, supply chain gaps, cuts in universal credit, failures in diplomacy, flight from the Taliban; the list seems endless.

At the heart of it all is the Boris government, a weird collection of supremely inept politicians in thrall to the whims of one of the most frightening leaders in our history. Frightening not because he is an ogre, but because he his a fool. A clever fool to boot, the very worst kind. With the intention span of a goldfish and the ego of a one whose only care is for his own glory, he fumbles and delays, always ending behind the curve and below the need.

Thus we have our, our, country gripped by irrational anxieties and fears. But the biggest fear of all is the one that becomes ever more true with each passing day. The fear that the government has entirely lost control of events.

Events of which it and, it alone, is the architect.