EU Blunder: Protocol Disaster

There is no more ardent supporter of the EU than I am, anywhere. But  it is abundantly clear that the European Commission has completely mismanaged the whole of the EU’s vaccine programme, with excessive bureaucracy, dithering and delay, leading to a failure to order enough of what they needed in timely fashion. Too many eggs in one basket when the sponsored vaccine and the biggest order failed to work.

Aware that European politicians would be after its blood, the decision was taken to blame others, rather than take responsibility. The UK would be the fall guy for hoarding vaccines for itself which were actually due for the EU. This proposition was based on fantasy. These disreputable bureaucrats, to cover their failings, then invoked rules to allow member states to ban vaccine exports from factories in their countries, even if bought and paid for.  If that was not enough, they added invoking Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol, to close the border for vaccines between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland. Uproar.

Rescinded within hours, with various grovelings and excuses, the damage is immense. Brexiteers, somewhat on the back foot because of the trade disruption and extra costs associated with Boris’s so called trade deal, now have the wind in their sails. Europe is not to be trusted, look what a mess there are in, their true colours revealed,  we are so much better off out, what a success we have made of our vaccine programme, etc. etc..

Time for a  Merkel Moment. Nothing less will do.

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