Sunday Blog 31: No Good News

This will be a short blog as I have book projects ongoing which are taking up much time. But this weekend two major news threads need watching in the coming days.

Boris Johnson’s premiership is in trouble. He is fast becoming a figure of fun. His government is all over the place on practically everything from Covid to Brexit and the consequences of both. Mixed messaging, bombastic declarations, scarce on detail and low on delivery, underpin policy failures at every level. Problems in testing and the app, in a programme which has already cost an eye watering £10 billion, only to be allocated £2 billion extra, underscore that those who boast are the biggest botchers. Parliament is becoming restive and Tory rebellions are  being hatched. At the end of the day this is a weak government of second division players who are simply not up to the greatest set of challenges in modern history.

Trump’s rush to nominate a hardcore Roman Catholic to ensure liberalism is buried in the Supreme Court will, if it goes through, have catastrophic implications for the future of the United States. Mark my words.

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