Sunday Blog 22: Boris Has To Do More Than Make Speeches

He has to deliver. Next Tuesday he is booked to make a widely trailed speech themed that, post lockdown, there will be no return to austerity. Instead the government will pour huge sums into  infrastructure projects, in the hope that it can invest its way out of the unfolding economic crisis. There will be no return to austerity. The economy will be expanded and renewed to provide real jobs that pay better money to replace those breadline service jobs eclipsed by lockdown, many never to return. This is all good. But it has to happen.

Unfortunately Boris has proved a disappointing leader since the Covid crisis broke. His lack of attention to detail, with a style of bumbling, bluster and boasting leading to a string of promises and predictions, which in reality are not delivered or fall way short of his rhetoric, have eroded public trust. Now is the time to make the speech certainly. But it must be followed by delivery of all it promises. The public may forgive a mishandling of the Covid crisis, particularly at the start. But there will be no forgiveness if he blows the recovery as well.

More from me when we have heard the speech.

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