Trump And Impeachment

This Blog is not persuaded that the Democrats are doing the right thing here. I have no doubt that Trump messes with foreign policy and operates outside the norms of the way things are supposed to be done. But it is because he is a maverick that he was elected. Shake everything up and drain the swamp.

So what was Obama’s VP actually doing with the Ukraine brief and why was his son a director of a company in the most corrupt country in Europe? And why did Biden want the prosecutor investigating his son’s company to be fired? There may be good answers to these questions, but they do not at once spring to mind.

The Democrats as far as I can make out brush aside the Biden questions and instead concentrate on the conditionality attached to US aid for Ukraine, by Trump in a phone call. I agree that call is mega dodgy by conventional standards, but to Trump standards is just a bit whiffy. It surely does not  reach the very high bar required for impeachment and even if the House voted for it, the Senate would never convict.

What is clear is that Biden’s bid for the presidency is over. If he did get nominated Trump would destroy him in the debates. If he survived and won, his presidency would be a failure. The democrats must get a modern candidate who can offer renewal to a polarised America and set about resolving the multitude of internal problems piling up. The Old White Men era is over. If it isn’t, America will stick with Trump.

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