Brexit: A Failure of Governance: It Might Soon Involve the Queen.

So May lost for the third time, but not so big. Perhaps. But she still lost and although the Tory party governs it actually doesn’t. This is because about 100 of its own MPs routinely oppose it. Take those off the tally and May has fewer MPs behind her than Corbyn. So no wonder she is snagged up in a never ending dream of next time lucky.

Normally our constitution provides for such an event by bringing the government to an end. Unfortunately that part of it is not working. Potentially this could leave the nation being ungoverned by a combination of a unicorn executive and a legislature made up of junkies addicted to voting No. To everything.  This fiasco, now the laughing stock of the world, could go on until June 2022.

So either the government abandons the dreamland in Downing Street and enters the real world or Parliament gets a grip and starts to vote Yes at least to something. Failing either of those and in the absence of something better we cannot now foresee, such as Parliament rising to the historic challenge and organizing both an orderly Brexit and a competent cross party government, someone has to blow a whistle and bring this parliament to an end.

That someone is the Queen. Detached, impartial and above politics she may be, but in the end she alone has the power, under the constitution, to rescue her country. We must not shrink from allowing her to use it.

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