The End Of the Boris Era: But Not The End of the Consequences of Boris.

This horrific narcissistic conman, a desert of integrity and a mountain of incompetence, leaves behind him an unprecedented condition of national crisis and confusion in every aspect of our lives. He has wrecked a political party so tainted by his own lies,  undeliverable promises, intellectual bankruptcy and common decency, as to make it widely described as unfit to govern, whoever is in charge.

It will take a generation to repair all the damage. There is no time to lose. We have to start now. The first thing to do is to formally end his tenure as prime minister. Right now. Not next month or in the autumn. Now. Our constitution used to require a political party in government which fell out with its leader to replace them pronto, not muck about with elections taking weeks, involving only the governing party and not the whole electorate.

The Tory party in the country can take as long as it likes to find a new leader, a task in which recent experience suggests it has scant ability to distinguish winners from wreckers. But the Tory party in government must come up with a name for PM pronto, or this ghastly parliament should be dissolved and a new one elected by a very angry people, at the end of their tether.